Credit Hire Claim

Credit Hire claims arise from Road Traffic Accidents and can be an independent claim or head of claim as part of a main Personal Injury action.


    Credit Hire

    If your vehicle needs to go into the garage for repair due to the damage caused to it in the said Road Traffic Accident, and the Claimant does not have the funds to hire a vehicle privately, another issue can rear its head. Credit hire companies put up the money to pay for a replacement vehicle while yours is being worked on. Alternatively, a replacement vehicle will be used until the money is recovered from the third party to replace the vehicle if the damage is so severe that the vehicle is not repairable.

    Credit Hire Claims

    For the credit hire company, providing the victim with a vehicle so they can continue their day-to-day lives is paramount but we also understand that cash flow and expertise in recovering credit hire charges are equally as important factors. Replacement credit hire vehicles work on a like-for-like basis: some prestige cars or taxi credit hire vehicle can rack up large hire fees that grow day by day as your car is being fixed.

    Many motorists assume that the cost will be borne by the driver who caused the crash (or more specifically their insurance company). However, it’s not always the case. Some wronged motorists win their compensation claim but still face credit hire fees in the thousands because their insurer did not pursue such charges or their have little to no experience with credit hire claims. Once the settlement has been finalised, there’s little you can do.

    Typical Credit Hire Claim can include the following:

    • Like-for-like Credit Hire
    • Taxi Plated Credit Hire
    • Storage
    • Recovery

    We’re here to help.  If you require credit hire recovery services, our highly specialised and dedicated Litigation Specialists are always ready to discuss potential cases prior to litigation and are happy to arrange a meeting to initially discuss how we can better assist your needs.

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